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Is wooden multi-layer board good enough to be used as furniture material ?

Is wooden multi-layer board good enough to be used as furniture material ?

The question of what kind of position furniture has in home life and its impact on home life is self-evident. So why do we use solid wood laminates for furniture? As far as the current formal solid wood multi-layer board is concerned, its advantages are many:

Is wooden multi-layer board good enough to be used as furniture material ?

1, more environmentally friendly, plate furniture sheet is very strict with environmental protection requirements, so choosing an environmentally friendly sheet is the biggest health guarantee for home life. At present, Baiyuan's solid wood multi-layer board can completely achieve E0 level.
2. The raw materials of the multi-layer board are made of solid wood (large-diameter wood in the trunk part). The raw materials used in various other wood-based panels, except for wood-based multi-layer boards, require logs, mostly from harvesting and processing residues, and small-diameter materials (less than 8 cm in diameter).
3. The size is more stable. The production process of the solid wood multi-layer board is made by pressing a layer of veneer vertically and vertically, and the adjacent fiber directions of the adjacent layers are arranged perpendicularly to each other, thereby improving the anisotropy of the wood under natural growth conditions and improving the anisotropy. Dimensional stability. For finished furniture, the service life is longer.
4. Strong strength and good flatness. The unique production process and raw material selection of the solid wood multi-layer board determine its unique quality. The solid wood multi-layer board is composed of multi-layer veneers arranged in a crisscross pattern. In the current production process, between the veneer and the veneer The oblique grinding lap process (starting splicing, subsequent seaming, to the current oblique lap lap, the process is progressing continuously), and then being produced by several processes such as cold pressing, hot pressing, sanding, etc. High strength, good grip strength and high flatness.
5, not easy to deform, no cracking. Baiyuan solid wood multi-layer board is made up of multi-layer veneers arranged in a crisscross pattern, and the beech is selected as the panel. After being glued, it is made by high temperature and high pressure in a hot press. The deformation and cracking of the sheet is mainly composed of water content and other factors. The solid wood multi-layer board can strictly control the moisture content of each veneer in the production process, so the quality of the finished board is more guaranteed. It is not easy to be deformed and cracked, and the dry shrinkage expansion system is extremely small. It solves the two major defects of deformation and cracking of solid wood panels from the aspect of internal stress.
6, the sheet is large. Multi-layer solid wood boards are cut from logs into single boards and then arranged in a staggered manner. In theory, the width of solid wood multi-layer boards can be infinite, but it is actually produced according to the national standard size. This is very different from other plates, such as other particle board and MDF, completely using waste scraps, even if the adhesive combination is again, there is no original wood such as solid wood laminate. This also solves the shortcomings of insufficient solidity of the solid wood board due to the influence of the material age and growth rate.
7, good quality, high price ratio. The multi-layer solid wood board is the artificial board closest to solid wood. But it is better than solid wood, good toughness, large area, not easy to deform and crack, the quality is better, but the actual price is lower than the solid wood, the effect is close to solid wood, cost-effective.
8, easy to process, easy to produce. The solid wood multi-layer board has precise thickness, long and wide width, and is suitable for most furniture. It is close to solid wood, has no special requirements for processing machinery, processing saw blade, processing technology, etc. It is easy to process and easy to form. An ordinary woodworker can also use the solid wood multi-layer board to make beautiful and practical furniture.
9. In line with the current consumption trend, in the market dominated by the current custom furniture, solid wood multi-layer boards are generally used for custom furniture, so that the various finished furniture products are well received by customers.
10, color matching is more convenient. We all know that the current plate furniture is made by using the color of the plate itself. Once the plate does not meet the color of the home decoration friend, you need to paint yourself or buy other products. However, the solid wood multi-layer board has good flatness and can be directly used for veneering. Consumers have other favored colors that can be directly used for veneer production, which perfectly meets consumers' customized services for various colors.
10 reasons fully prove why it is necessary to use solid wood multi-layer boards for making panel furniture, which is an inevitable trend of market development. Of course, for many friends who are using and about to use multi-layer boards, there are more reasons to explore. Do not choose the most expensive, only choose the right one, choose solid wood multi-layer board to create furniture, family life is more comfortable.

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