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How to choose your kids bunk beds ?

How to choose your kids bunk beds ?

solid wooden bunk beds for adults
High and low bunk beds are furniture that we are no stranger to, and have always been loved by young people. However, there are many types of high and low bunk beds in the market. How to choose a satisfactory high and low bunk bed? What are the advantages of using high and low bunk beds?

How to choose bunk beds ?

1, safe to buy

The joints can be tightly tightened, bolts or other guardrails close to the bed, and the distance between the bed frame and the bottom of the guardrail is no more than 89 mm. Corner rails that extend the surface of the mattress at least 127 mm to prevent rolling the child. You should also choose to have guardrails on both sides, just in case.

2, material selection

The bunk bed is recommended to buy pine furniture, which is cost-effective and has a relatively high environmental protection factor. Be sure to smell the normal taste of the furniture, and the abnormal taste such as pungent nose and sweet taste must not be bought.

3, structure purchase

Try to choose a style with a simple structure and few plates.

4, season shopping

When possible, it is best to buy a bed in the spring, open the window to sleep in the spring evening, and the ventilation is good. In addition, the bed can pass through a summer, and the smell can be basically distributed. In winter, the window can be safely closed, and the heating is also coming. no problem.

5, the price of purchase

The same brand of furniture uses the same raw materials, but the style, color and other factors determine the price of the furniture, so the same brand of furniture is not the higher the price, the better, but the cheaper the more cost-effective. Therefore, do not stare at the price when buying furniture, it is best to choose your favorite style according to your actual situation.

6, color purchase

If the color is too bright, it will affect mental health. You must choose a light and steady color. There is no storage cabinet under the bed, and the storage cabinet is equal to a huge source of pollution.

7, bed base purchase

The so-called "the foundation is not strong, the ground shakes the mountain", so when choosing the right bed, the first thing to pay attention to is the quality of the bed base. When you buy it, shake it a few times and try the effect.

8, reminder

In some cases, the sample is also a good choice, because the sample is basically long, the taste is basically finished, and the sample will have a good discount. However, it should be noted that some manufacturers' samples may sell the returned items as samples, so if you buy samples, you must check them.

Advantages and disadvantages of high and low bunk beds

1, save space

How to choose your kids bunk beds ?

In the same space, a single bed can only be used by one person, while a bunk bed can be used by two people. For those families with small homes, bunk beds are definitely the best choice. The space saving of the bunk bed is not only reflected in the number of users, but also in its supporting facilities. If you use a single-layer bed, you need other facilities, such as a table top, a desk, and so on. But the use of bunk beds does not require these things, as the bunk beds themselves have storage and learning functions.

2, a variety of novel styles

The style of a single-layer bed is the same, and it is difficult to make major changes. Bunk beds are not, and the space for change is very large. There are a large number of bunk beds in the market. These bunk beds emphasize comfort and emphasize functionality. The bunk bed is also durable compared to a single bed. In particular, the steel bunk beds used in school dorms are of high quality and can be used for decades without damage.

Finally, everyone is reminded that the purchase of high and low bunk beds must consider the actual needs, do not blindly be blinded by price or other appearance, to avoid economic losses.

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