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5 Steps Of Wooden Furniture Production Process

5 Steps Of Wooden Furniture Production Process

“The art of work” is the interpretation of the image of the craft. A complete process of furniture production includes many steps and steps from the preparation of raw materials, through woodworking, paint finishing to final product packaging and storage. Must be refined and professional. So finished, the solid wood furniture presented in front of us is so exquisite, it is very addictive.

5 Steps Of Wooden Furniture Production Process

Solid wood furniture is both natural and chemically free, in line with the psychological needs of modern urbanites returning to nature. Nowadays, all kinds of solid wood furniture on the market have a wide variety of products, but the quality is also mixed. The definition of solid wood furniture is that all the structures and visible parts of the product are made of whole wood, without any veneers. The product table is the same, even if the plane is removed, the interior is the same material. To select high-quality solid wood furniture, we need to understand the manufacturing process and materials of solid wood furniture, know ourselves and know how to buy solid wood furniture that is easy to use and safe. The production process of solid wood furniture generally has five major steps: 1. Ingredients; 2. White embryo processing; 3. Assembly; 4. Painting; 5. Packaging.

solid wood material for furniture
1, ingredients

The traditional method of batching of new furniture usually consists of the following processes: material selection, length cutting, planing, longitudinal sectioning, planing, paneling, casing, planing, and four-sided planing. With the advent of new processing equipment, the above process has been simplified accordingly, but the basic principle is not changed.

The following machines are generally used for the ingredients: cutting, planing, cutting, planing, milling, jigsaw, band saw, four-sided planing, etc. In addition, the new types of equipment that have emerged in recent years include: fully automatic computer-optimized saws, high-frequency peripherals, fully automatic high-precision four-sided planers, and so on.

Quality control is also very important in the batching process. The quality control of the ingredients is: the quality of the material (burr, tear, dent, indentation, wormhole, decay, deformation, thrift, etc.), moisture content, size, The ratio and quality of the knife mark and the glue, the pressure of the board, the pressing time, the method and amount of the glue, the size and direction of the wood grain, the nail holding force and the flatness of the board.
In addition, hot pressing can also be included in the process of batching, which is an important part of the pre-board processing. Hot pressing includes parquet, skinning, bending, and the like. There are several types of machine induction machines used for hot pressing: cutting machine, sewing machine, cloth machine, hot press, cold press, edge banding machine, curved press, etc., which have been used for hot pressing in recent years. The new machines in the process are constantly being updated, and many products that cannot be processed by traditional processes can now be processed. The quality of hot pressing is: moisture content, quality of the sheet, quality of the sheet, seam of the veneer, direction of the wood grain, temperature of the hot pressing, shape of the mold of the curved pressure, and the like.

furniture production process

2, white body processing

The production process of white body processing of new furniture is somewhat different from that of traditional Chinese furniture (including Ming and Qing furniture), but as long as it is processed strictly according to the drawings, the machining accuracy is guaranteed within the tolerance range.
White body processing (fine work) is a process in which the parts of the product are processed from the wool into the dimensions and shapes required by the drawings. The processing steps that should be paid attention to are the drilling, milling, cutting angle, and engraving parts. It is necessary to ensure the machining accuracy, so as to ensure that the assembly precision of the assembly process is within the allowable error range.
There are many types of machines used in white body processing, and new equipments are emerging one after another. However, no matter how advanced the machinery and equipment are, there are five basic categories: cutting saws, drilling, boring and milling, sanding and auxiliary. The most common equipments are: various sawing machines (single-saw, double-cut, precision 45-degree cutting, band saw, wire saw, etc.), drilling machine (various: bench drill, row drill, group drill, stand-up dual-use Drills, pneumatic drills, etc.), various milling machines and routers, various sanding tools and machines. In addition, many new types of computer-controlled machines bring varying degrees of technological change to the production of modern furniture.

The main points of quality control in this link are to ensure the following three aspects: size, shape, and wood quality. The detailed quality requirements are not detailed here. In addition, sanding is a process that requires a lot of time and space. A particular point to be aware of sanding is that sandpaper marks with horizontal stripes and loops are not allowed.

assembly of wooden furniture
3, assembly

The assembly process is a key process to ensure the quality of modern furniture products. Due to the large size, heavy weight and overall assembly of some products, the use of tools, assembly stations, personnel, etc. in the assembly process is very large with traditional Chinese homes. The difference. In order to ensure the accuracy of the assembly and the proficiency of the operation, each assembly line must be arranged reasonably. The basic process is to install the frame and then install the details. After the installation, the unreasonable place is trimmed.

furniture painting process
4, painting
Based on the above requirements of the American painting process, the paint line used must also correspond to it. At present, the relatively large-scale paint line is the ground-type coating. The whole process of painting is as follows: damage treatment (knocking, wormhole, groove, edge, etc.), soot blowing, equalization, spray color, seal paint, drying, sanding, rubbing, drawing, drying, drying, First primer, dry, sanding, spray, dry brush, second primer, sanding, dry brushing, drying, first coat, dry, sanding, dust paint, trimming, second side Paint, dry, off the line.

The quality control of furniture painting is the most difficult and the most problematic in the manufacture of furniture. If you want to control the quality control of painting, you must see more practice in actual production.
5, packaging

1. Inspection, visual inspection: Check whether the overall color matching of the products is consistent, and there should be no different depths. Under natural light, check whether the paint surface of the product is flat, whether there is sag, uneven spraying, orange peel and leakage spray, fog and so on. Hand touch: Touch the painted surface with your hand to check if the surface is smooth and if there are particles. Feel the texture and feel of the paint by hand.

2. Spot color, repair the flaw on the surface of the workpiece.

3. Blow dust and blow off the dust on the surface of the workpiece.

4. Packaging, packaging products.

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