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Whta's the reason of furniture's crack and how to solve it ?

Whta's the reason of furniture's crack and how to solve it ?

Whta's the reason of furniture's crack and how to solve it ?

Some people say that "it doesn't break, not called solid wood." In real life, solid wood furniture will have some cracking or deformation more or less. Many users will think that the furniture is broken, and its quality is problematic. In fact, solid wood furniture, like ours, will be ill due to sudden changes in some climates, especially in seasons with alternating seasons. This is also a phenomenon of shrinkage and swelling of solid wood panels. So what is the reason for solid wood furniture? Let's take a look at how to solve the problem of cracking solid wood furniture!

1. What is the cause of cracking of solid wood furniture?

Reason 1: Solid wood moisture content problem

The most basic reason for the cracking of solid wood furniture is that the moisture content of the wood is not well controlled during the production process. This can be said to be a quality problem. The moisture content of the main furniture sheets is controlled to balance, and there is generally no problem of cracking and deformation in the later stage.

Reason 2: caused by climate

Different climates, the moisture content of solid wood is also different, which is related to the geographical difference. The moisture content of solid wood in Beijing is generally about 11.4%, the moisture content of furniture is 10.4%, 9.4%; the moisture content of southern wood is Higher, 14%. Therefore, when the southern solid wood furniture is used in the north, cracking will occur.

Reason 3: Improper use

If the solid wood furniture is used improperly, it is prone to cracking and deformation. I don’t know if you have found that the furniture placed by the window, the furniture that is often scrubbed with a wet towel, and the furniture that moves at will are more prone to problems. .

Reason 4: Damaged transportation

Cracking of solid wood furniture is also common if there is a bump in the transportation or a large change in the climate.

2. How to solve the problem of cracking solid wood furniture

Tip 1: Small Crack Remedy

If there are only some slight cracks on the surface of the solid wood furniture, you can directly fill it with 502 glue, then scrape off the excess glue, do not hurt the paint surface.

If it is a small slit, the treatment will be more complicated. You can mix the old book, alum and water into a paste, embed it in the crack, and wait for it to solidify. You can also mix it with wood chips and glue, then embed it in the crack. After drying, sandpaper can be used.

Tip 2: Avoid cracking

In order to avoid cracking of solid wood furniture, etc., when buying and handling, pay attention to light hands and feet, try to be as stable as possible. When using, do not move too much; use regular waxing, glazing, and when dirty, use The soft cloth is wiped along the texture to avoid the use of chemical cleaners, which may cause cracking of the paint surface; keep away from the heat source and pay attention to the sun exposure, otherwise the paint surface will fade and affect the service life.

Tip 3: Keep in good repair

Good maintenance can also prevent the cracking of solid wood furniture. If you are maintenance, do three three-sided work. First, remove dust, wipe it with clean soft cotton cloth and wipe it; second, clean it, use special furniture cleaner to remove it. Soot, stains; third is waxing, solid wood furniture should be waxed regularly, preferably once a quarter, before cleaning, use mild soapy water to do the cleaning work.

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