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How to paint old wooden furniture?

How to paint old wooden furniture?

The furniture is worn out and the paint on the top is worn out. We only need to brush once to rejuvenate. How to paint? This is not difficult, it only takes a few basic tools and some time. Below, Xiaobian's on-site coup network talks about specific practices.

First, be prepared

1. First spread the newspaper on the floor, then open the doors and windows to ensure good ventilation. Put wooden furniture on the newspaper, like coffee table , dining table , wood bed and bunk bed etc .Then put on a mask and gloves before starting.

2. Use a screwdriver to remove the hardware from the furniture. If you are drawing a chest of drawers , a dressing table , wood tables or detachable bunk beds , twin beds and all bedroom furniture sets in big sizes with hardware , remove the hardware before you begin. This has two advantages:

One is to ensure that the paint does not brush onto the hardware; the second is to replace the hardware with new hardware.

3. Use glue (putty) to repair the notch, with holes and recessed notches. Use a putty knife to scrape off excess glue and let the glue dry.

4. Polish the furniture surface with sandpaper. This is done to remove the protective varnish or paint from the surface of the wooden furniture, making the primer easier to attach to the furniture.

In the case where an adhesive is applied, if there is any unevenness, the paper is thoroughly ground so that the position at which the glue is applied is kept flush with the rest of the furniture.

5. After polishing the surface of the furniture, gently wipe the residue with a clean coarse cloth to make the surface of the furniture clean and tidy. If necessary, use a mild detergent and then dry the surface of the furniture with a cloth.

Second, start to apply primer and paint

1. If you want the furniture to look evenly colored, use a primer. Use a paint brush and roller to gently apply the primer to the surface of the wooden furniture. Paint brushes are used to brush hard-to-brush edges, corners and areas; the rollers have large, even areas with no wavy shape. Wait until the paint is dry and then painted.

2. After the primer is dry, sand the surface with fine-grained sandpaper. Sanding with sandpaper allows the coating to adhere better to the primer.

3. Start painting, first use the roller, then use the paint brush. If possible, roll the uniform portion with a foam roller and then apply it evenly with a paint brush. Pay special attention to places where there is no brush, such as corners. When the paint is dry, check for signs where the paint is not completely painted.

4. Apply a layer of paint if necessary. According to a professional painter, a layer of primer and paint is not enough to produce a professional effect, waiting for the first layer of paint to dry (preferably dry overnight, at least 6 hours), then use the above method to brush the same paint again. .

5. Brush the protective paint (optional). After the coating has dried, apply it with a varnish or sealant to avoid scratches and scratches on the paint. This also adds a slight sheen to the furniture.

6. Wait for the paint to dry and the paint work is over!


1. Acrylic paint can be used so that it is not painted after painting because acrylic itself provides adequate protection.

2. Add some paint to the primer to make the primer thicker and reduce the possibility of wood grain seepage.
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How to paint old wooden furniture?

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