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Talking about the Development Status and Changes of Custoized Furniture Industry

Talking about the Development Status and Changes of Custoized Furniture Industry

In recent years, customized wood furniture has been changing with the needs of people. From the original single product customization, to the current space customization, to the whole house furniture customization, the custom furniture market is developing faster and faster, becoming the present. The most important trend in the furniture industry. So, today, Xiaobian will take a look at the changes in the custom furniture industry.

First, let's take a look at the development of the custom furniture industry:

Talking about the Development Status and Changes of Custoized  Furniture Industry

The custom furniture market is big, and the cake can be bigger. In recent years, many companies have moved from a single furniture customization to an integrated overall home customization. They have tasted the sweetness in the breakthrough and ushered in the spring of enterprise development, but there are still a few companies that failed to maintain the momentum of innovation in the process of change. It is difficult to open up new markets in the self-styled way, and it is difficult to open up new markets. We know that enterprises have no characteristics, business is difficult, no value, business is difficult to sustain, no brand, business can not grow bigger, no thinking, business step by step.

In the process of seeking breakthroughs, enterprises must ensure the quality of products, rigorous skills, and perfect after-sales service, while maintaining close contact with customers, continuing independent research and development, and maintaining the fine traditions of the company.

What are the changes in the custom furniture market?

1. Changes in market channels

As the purchase restriction policies of small and medium-sized small towns become more relaxed, the overall home customization is no longer a “patent” for first- and second-tier cities, and enterprises can focus more on the third- and fourth-line, county-level markets. At present, the first-line custom enterprises have basically completed the market layout of the first and second lines, and the channels of the third-tier cities of many enterprises have also been finalized. Therefore, the key targets of the customized furniture market can be placed in the fourth-tier cities and county-level markets.

The first-hand property market in the third- and fourth-tier cities has developed rapidly. Many people have bought new houses before the land prices have not risen, but most people still choose to buy furniture produced by traditional assembly lines. Therefore, the custom furniture market has Great development potential and space, the concept of "customization" will be extended to small cities, increase the support of dealers, attract more businesses to join, and occupy the market with cost-effective products, which will benefit thousands of households.

2, timber prices rose

The timber industry is closely related to the industries of plate, building materials and furniture. The main raw material of wood as a plate material has a huge impact on the plate industry. First of all, the sheet industry belongs to the middle of the production and sales chain. The rise in timber prices directly leads to an increase in the cost of sheet metal, and the profit will be greatly reduced. Secondly, in order to obtain higher profits or to avoid losing money, it is highly probable that sheet companies will increase their prices. The price pressure is passed on to consumers, which leads to the price increase of the plate industry, which leads to consumer dissatisfaction. Finally, the price increase of timber comes from short supply, but the traditional idea of “buy up and not buy down” and the pressure of worrying about insufficient supply will make The demand for wood by plate companies is more urgent, and the expansion of “seeking” has made the situation even more unmanageable, leading to a vicious circle.

At a time when economic growth is slowing down, the price hike of timber is a great test for sheet companies. At this time, sheet companies must not be passively and passively accepted, but should actively seek solutions. May be safe.

“The price of sheet metal has risen. Enterprises can only pass on internal management, lean production, and open source and reduce expenditure, and this part of the cost will be passed on to consumers.” Industry experts point out that for custom furniture companies that meet customer needs as the core advantage, they must not be ignored. Consumers need to control the quality of the panel furniture, improve the quality, and provide high-quality and cost-effective products for the target population.

3. Changes in the home market environment

Under the background of Industry 4.0, enterprises can combine the individualization of consumer demand with the standardization of mass production through the big data platform to provide consumers with more and more high-quality products and services.

In the traditional finished furniture production process, there is a large amount of raw materials and manpower waste, which also leads to high prices of branded finished furniture. You stroll around the red star Macalline, you may find that you look at the finished furniture expensive to die, low-end furniture you are also embarrassed to buy in your new million homes.

At present, the penetration rate of custom furniture in the furniture industry in China is about 20%-30%, compared with 60%-70% penetration rate in developed countries such as the United States and South Korea, there is room for improvement. According to estimates, the annual compound growth of custom home brand enterprises in the past year is expected to continue to exceed 30%, and good is expected to exceed 40%.

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