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Five core competition points in the furniture industry

Five core competition points in the furniture industry

Manufacturer's ability to withstand pressure

As the brand competition becomes increasingly fierce, the profit model of the brand becomes more and more important. It is basically impossible for the dealers to single-handedly achieve sales of three to four million.

In the past few years, the development of the customized furniture industry basically relied on the individualized liberalization of the agent. The marketing plan of the brand manufacturers on the terminal was not rigorous and supported the Holyck solid wood furniture. The profit model is mainly reflected in the planning of brand marketing, cost accounting, cost control and service.

Industry talents

The development process of the customized furniture industry is very short, but the brand that has entered the industry has increased dramatically. In addition, the current Chinese education system does not have the professional counterpart of this industry.

Talent competition is not only a problem faced by manufacturers. The problem faced by terminal agents will be more severe. The shortage of talents in the industry and the digging of walls between brands will lead to a large amount of talent flow.

Competition of channel resources

Five core competition points in the furniture industry

The custom furniture industry has developed to the higher requirements of the terminals for today's brands. The storefront has been squared from the original hundred square meters to today Holyck solid wood furniture. It is not surprising that it is hundreds of square meters or even thousands of square meters. The requirements of business strength can be seen more and more high, especially in the first-line market, a first-line brand store is generally around 10, each store's investment is calculated at 500,000, which is 5 million plus liquidity and advertising costs are almost the least. It must be 10 million to start.

In the past two years, the first-line brand has basically completed the initial establishment of Holyck solid wood furniture brand channel. But in the two years, the profits of the custom-made furniture industry are getting lower and lower, and the number of people investing in this industry is correspondingly reduced.

Competition within the industry

The training is absolutely at the core of the competition in today's customized industry. The recruited employees and the terminal store are sent to the factory training staff. Holyck solid wood furniture workers, from an unknown loyalty to the industry to how to make the brand will be tested The core competitiveness of brand training.

Most of the training brands in the terminal only focus on sales training. It is not very concerned about design, installation and service training. As a customized industry, customers can only rely on the imagination of Holyck solid wood furniture before installation. Feel the product, all bosses must remember that the difference between the installation is the beginning of your sales rather than the end of sales.

Perfect service system

The service system Holyck solid wood furniture set up the entire customer chain to establish different stages to serve customers in different ways, so that consumers are touched by every detail of the brand all the time.

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