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US anti-dumping effect on Chinese wooden furniture

US anti-dumping effect on Chinese wooden furniture

According to the US "Wood and Wood Products" magazine report: In 2005, the annual sales of wooden home furniture in the United States accounted for 51.8% of the total import volume, which is the first time that imported wooden furniture accounted for more than half of the domestic market share. In the first half of 2006, the market share of imported furniture increased by 52.8%; it is estimated that by 2008, imported furniture will account for 60% of total domestic sales.

US anti-dumping effect on Chinese wooden furniture

In the first half of the year, the total import value of wooden furniture in the United States was $4.563 billion, while the wooden furniture imported from China reached $2.079 billion. This growth occurred in the face of anti-dumping lawsuits in the United States. The final ruling of the US Department of Commerce has caused internal disputes in the US furniture industry. Not only retailers have disputed with these lawsuits, but manufacturers with outsourcing operations in China are also annoying.

The United States is having the following effects on the "anti-dumping" of wooden bedroom furniture imported from China:

-- Chinese furniture manufacturers are restructuring production, companies with low tariffs continue to expand production of bedroom furniture, while others all move wooden bedroom furnitures to Vietnam, Malaysia or Laos for production.

-- Many of China's larger furniture exporters have established their own sales organizations in the US, and we estimate that some of them will set up warehouses in the US, potentially increasing sales costs.

─ China’s own situation is also complicated. The labor shortage in Dongguan, the container is very tight, steel and other raw materials are also facing supply problems, exchange rate changes, etc., which is more than the impact of “anti-dumping”.

─ According to the statistics of the previous 10 years, furniture imports will continue to increase. But North America is the source of raw materials, coupled with advanced wood processing technology and logistics systems, so it is possible to reverse the trend of outsourcing processing, at least to slow down this momentum.

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