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Keep Your Bedroom Simple Is Good For Your Healthy

Keep Your Bedroom Simple Is Good For Your Healthy

The function of bedroom should be single , if you want to sleep well , first you should creat a good environment for sleep and other things which has no connection with sleep , all put them out side of your bedroom .Particularly your mobile phone ,laptop ,docts and so on . And dont even talk about official business or something will have effect on your mood , that will be hard for you to sleep .

Many people , particularly office workers like to do their jobs on bed , put laptop on legs or white things on legs or put docts around on your beds , those kind things have big effect on your sleep .Since the ligh screen of computer will stop the production of melatonin and cant sleep for long time and people is easy to become nervous during working time and the more you nervours the easy you cant sleep .

Also recently more and more families will install tv on bedroom walls in from of your twin szie bed or double bed or king bed or even kids twin size bed frame with storage ,in fact watching tv is same as working on bed , easy to bring you excited and hard to sleep . But books is better .

Bedroom isnt good to be very big , 15-20 sq meters is ok , in fact the big bedroom is lack of safety in mind , then how can u sleep very well ?

It's better to buy some easy simple design bedroom furniture to be in bedroom , the simple the better , do not make it complicated ,or also inlfuence your sleep .

On the other side , it's also not good to keep your bedroom so small ,i mean the space is so cramped , particularly dont make your ceilings too close to you , or you will have a sense of depression , affect your sleep .

Keep Your Bedroom Simple Is Good For Your Healthy

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