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Malaysian as one of TOP 10 furniture exporter

Malaysian as one of TOP 10 furniture exporter

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Malaysian as one of TOP 10 furniture exporter

Malaysian International Export Furniture Fair (EFE) Chairman and Chairman of the Malaysian Furniture Association, Cai Chuncai, said that the Malaysian furniture export system has matured and the furniture industry has developed rapidly. In 2016, the export volume was nearly RM10 billion, ranking the world's top ten furniture exports. One of the countries.

Cai Chuncai said that the furniture made by Ma is known for its sophisticated and practical appearance. Rubber wood has always been a unique advantage for horse furniture, and the company's shipments are on time and good reputation, so buyers can buy with confidence. The countries that promote the growth of horse furniture exports are the United States, Japan, India and the Philippines, resulting in a total export value of RM9.525 billion last year. He believes that the prospects of the furniture industry are very optimistic. Malaysia has a good infrastructure and 30 years of furniture industry experience. If you take full advantage of the advantages and conditions to seize the opportunities in the international market, the furniture industry will have a better play.

Liang Huili, general manager of Ma International Export Furniture Fair, said that India is one of the fastest growing major economies, and the furniture market is estimated to be worth $1.8 billion. The spending power of the younger generation in India (between 25 and 54 years old, accounting for 40%) and the low furniture import tax have created enormous potential for Malaysia to expand its trade territory and develop its business. In the past few years, the export of horse furniture to India has grown steadily, with exports ranging from RM210 million in 2013 to RM311 million in 2016, and this year it has reached 517 million MYR.

The theme of this year's International Export Furniture Fair is “New Design, New Opportunities”, which will be held at the Kuala Lumpur International Convention and Exhibition Center from March 8th to 11th. This year's furniture fair attracted 300 domestic and foreign home furnishing exhibitors, an increase of 16% over the previous year. The first time exhibitors increased by 12%, and an estimated 745 million US dollars (about 3.314 billion MYR) transaction volume.

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