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How to decorate kids bedroom ?

How to decorate kids bedroom ?

The children's room is an independent space for children. Parents should communicate with the children more and understand the children's preferences and needs. If havent have a kid yet , then it is necessary to pay more attention to the decoration and home purchase considerations of the kids' room: children's room Space selection is better to choose soft, natural materials like carpets, wall coverings, logs, cork flooring, etc.

Decoration children's room with kids loft beds or kids bunk beds .

Color: Children who are younger like to dark solid colors. As they grow older, they are able to identify or like some elegant colors.

Material: brush wall paint, wallpaper must pay attention to environmental protection. When attaching wallpapers, be sure to use environmentally friendly glue for pasting. Younger children like brightly colored or cartoon actors printed on room furniture, and when they grow up, then we can add natural elements such as logs and solid wood furntiure to bedroom .

Teenagers prefer multi-function furntiure in their bedroom .

Function: Youth home is more functional. The most time spent by teenagers is learning. With the temptation of computers, their rooms are the place where they stay for the longest time. The furniture functions should be reasonable and should conform to their physical characteristics , then we would recommend you the childrens loft bed with desk, double loft bed with desk or elder children we can use queen loft bed with desk or childrens bunk beds with storage.

Decoration: Children's room is also about "light decoration and heavy decoration", try to show your child the space, children like things like plush toys, airplane models or one of their own works, is the most desirable decoration.

How to decorate  kids bedroom ?

To be one: design with the child's eyes. A children's room in a real sense must not only have a reasonable layout, suitable furniture, but also a child's vision, and design according to the children's actual needs. For children over 3 years old, they gradually have obvious personal preferences in terms of color and pattern. The ideas of these small owners are also important opinions that designers should refer to when designing children's rooms, then low twin bed frame for toddler ,low double bed for toddler or different kinds toddler beds is good choice for them .

How to decorate  kids bedroom ?

Tip 2: Related to age and gender. The preferences of boys and girls are very different, so theres cool beds for little boy ,twin size bed for little girl and twin beds for boy and girl different kinds beds .Children of different ages are experiencing different stages of growth, and their needs for children's rooms are also distinct. The design of the children's room is closely related to the children's growth stage. According to the characteristics of different ages and genders, the designer also has different emphasis on the design and decoration of the children's room.

Age range: 0--3 years old design features - focus on safety Add color patterns with enlightenment

How to decorate  kids bedroom ?

It is best to use simple and clear colors like red, yellow, blue, green, etc., and connect with the sun, moon, stars, flowers and other patterns in nature, like the moon star-shaped lights on the ceiling, inspiring children to color and A preliminary understanding of the item. The color of the children's room during this period should not be too bright, so as not to stimulate the child's vision too much. In addition, younger infants are always curious about the outside world. Therefore, the safety issue should be considered comprehensively. It is best to add soft cushions on the floor. The corners of children's furniture should avoid corners to avoid harming children.

Age range: 4--6 years old Design features: differentiated by gender, fully expand the game space

Building blocks are the most wanted for boys in their bedroom .

Cute candy house are still famous for girls .

In general, boys and girls feel more about color, boys like blue, light yellow and green, while girls prefer pink and purple, so designers will refer to their preferences,then there's pink kids bed. If the color is too dark, it is easy for the child to have signs of precocity, and the color is too bright, and the children in it often have a sense of restlessness. Easy tough and tempered.

Tip 3: Precautions for children's bed placement

1. The children's bed shouldn't be close to the door: if the child's bed is close to the door, it is easily affected by the external environment, and it will have an adverse impact on rest, sleep and body growth.

2. the children's bed can not be too close to the window sill: if the children's bed is too close to the window sill, not only has a great safety hazard, the baby is not sensible, it is easy to be dangerous; and the window is blown by the wind, it may also be detrimental to the health of the baby. .

3, do not put TV audio on the bedside: Some parents in order to let the baby receive music from childhood, it is good to install speakers in the children's room, this is a good thing, but if installed on the bed, the distance will be too close to the child The hearing is impeding and will affect the baby's mind.

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