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How to make customers feel the value of furniture worth the price ?

How to make customers feel the value of furniture worth the price ?

First, what is "expensive"?

In the eyes of the public,spend too much money is "expensive". What is more money? For example, we only spend 10 yuan to buy a product worth only 10 yuan. Here we have encountered a problem, how to determine the value of a product in the end? The value of the decision on who is the body, the customer or the manufacturer?

After a lot of market research, we found that the decision-making power of “how much money” is not the manufacturer, but the feeling of the customer's subconscious.

Second, how to make customers feel the value.

Since "how much money" is determined by the customer's feelings, how do we make customers feel it?

First analyze what is the feeling, the feeling is the objective stimulus to the reflection of the individual attributes of the things produced by the sensory organs.

Secondly, how to "let" customers feel it is actually a very emotional thing, mainly to fully mobilize the customer's sense of hearing, vision, touch, smell, taste and other sensory organs to let customers perceive, thus occupying the customer's mind.

Again, expensive is actually a feeling. Usually people think that "expensive" means that the price is higher than the value, and "not expensive" means that the price is equal to or less than the value. Value determines the price, and the price fluctuates around the value.

There are three types of customers who say that a certain product is expensive:

Class A customers, customers think that your product is not worth the money, and there is not much difference with other cheap products, that is, the price is higher than the value;

For Class B customers, your product is really good, but the price is too high, I can't afford it, then the price is lower than or equal to the value;

Class C customers, your product is really good, but the price is not low, beyond my pre-purchase budget, I don't want to spend so much money to buy your products, I buy a relatively cheap and OK.

No matter what kind of price, any product is too expensive. Even if you are really a cost price today, or even sell for other things, there will always be people saying "expensive". This "price is too expensive" is often only one of the customers. “Men” is one of the most common customer objections for marketers.

The decision to “value how much” is not the manufacturer but the feeling of the customer’s subconscious.

Third, in solving this objection, usually follow the following five principles!

1, solve problem before customers speak out .

According to the feedback information obtained by the customer in the contact negotiation, the customer can make a correct judgment on the price objection that the customer may ask, and then preemptively, that is, wait for the customer to speak out, and then resolve the objection of a series of customers.

2, value is the first , then price .

An important principle to follow in sales promotion is to avoid prematurely asking or bargaining. No matter how fair and reasonable the price of the product is, as long as the customer wants to buy it, there must be a certain economic cost in exchange.

It is for this reason that we must wait for the customer to have a certain recognition of the value of the product before we can discuss the price issue with him. The strong desire of customers to purchase often comes from a full understanding of the value of the product, not the price of the product.

If the customer's desire to buy is stronger, they will consider the price less. Therefore, when negotiating with customers, we must first talk about the value of the product, and then talk about the price. Otherwise, it is easy to fall into the misunderstanding of bargaining with customers.

3. Compare the prices of different products

When comparing products that customers think are expensive to products that are higher in price, then the price of the products you sell to customers is relatively low. Therefore, it is necessary to collect the price data of similar products or competitors frequently, so as to compare them when necessary, so as to convince customers through the facts.

4. Using price decomposition

Whenever possible, try to quote in a smaller unit of pricing, thus hiding the "expensive" price.

5, guide customers to correctly view the price difference

When there is a price difference between competing products, we should guide the customers to correctly treat the price difference from the advantages of this set of products, emphasizing the difference and advantage between the price of the product and the product, and this difference and advantage are tangible that can exist objectively. Intuitive; it can also be intangible and unintuitive.

It must be clearly stated that the benefit of the customer after purchasing the product is far greater than the price of the payment made by the customer. In this case, the customer will not care more. This is the same as the goods that people buy in our daily lives. The same piece of home appliances or clothing, because of its many factors such as brand and after-sales service, often choose expensive to buy.

How to make customers feel the value of furniture worth the price ?

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