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5 Tips For Furniture Company To Obtain Generation Y Market

5 Tips For Furniture Company To Obtain Generation Y Market

Generation Y has gradually become the most important consumer group in China. Most of them are highly educated and proficient in a variety of electronic and Internet products. The report shows that they are the largest group of current online consumers.

More and more companies are beginning to realize the importance of this group and turn their attention to the post-80s and post-90s. The challenge for the company is how to develop an effective strategy to capture this lucrative market segment.

Here are 5 marketing tips for Generation Y:

(1) Mobile Internet

5 Tips For Furniture Company To Obtain Generation Y Market

Numerous studies have shown that mobile phones became poisoned Generation Y and became "lower." They chat, read, search and shop on their mobile phones all day long. This group lives in the mobile Internet world, so in order to get this group, corporate marketing and other methods should also be mobile internet. An effective method way to Generation Y was to conduct targeted marketing with the most time they spent. If the company does not upgrade the Internet, it is possible to hand this important group to competitors.

(2) Interaction

Marketing is no longer just one-way marketing from business to consumer. Instead, it is a dialogue between business and consumers. Interactive marketing enabled this dialogue to be achieved. This is the first step in building a relationship with the company's target audience. Engage users through interactive activities to build customer loyalty.

(3) Creative

At present, most media regard the Generation Y as important target audiences, and they continue to carry out marketing and information bombing. Therefore, companies must seize the fierce bombing of Generation Y in a short period of time. Post-attention is a big challenge. solution? creativity! Corporate marketing activities require creativity and self-distribution capabilities, allowing audiences to support corporate communications spontaneously.

(4) Personalization

Generation Y was particularly diverse and personalized. This is a segment of the market that is obsessed with selfies. For companies, taking advantage of the group's individual and individual needs, and grasping this feature in marketing materials and terms, will enable Generation Y to better participate in marketing activities and bring surprises to the company. return.

(5) worth sharing

Unlike previous generations, Generation Y was most likely to be influenced by their small partners when making purchasing decisions. The influence of “experts” is small. Marketing campaigns with social dialogue capabilities will encourage sharing of corporate merchandise on their networks. Let them talk about marketing activities, the voice of the company is a powerful strategy.

So how can companies make their products worth sharing? creative, interactive, personalized and mobile internet.

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