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Advantages And Disadvantages of Pine Wood Furniture

Advantages And Disadvantages of Pine Wood Furniture

Because of the environmental friendliness of pine wood and the sensation of logs brought by itself, more and more people like pine furniture are now available. Holyck Furniture wants to share with you the advantages and disadvantages of pine furniture .

Advantages and disadvantages of pine furniture

Advantages of pine furniture:

1. The selection, design and manufacture . Due to the high forest coverage, all the trees are basically not artificially trimmed, so that after processing into the material, the branches leave the traces of natural growth. When making furniture, it can fully demonstrate the true, heavy and natural beauty of the material.

2, most pine furniture is simple and generous, the lines are full and smooth, the processing technique of less carving is environmentally friendly and healthy, looks more natural and beautiful, natural wood stripes, without any modification, all the wood grain is one for us. Presenting, posing at home looks very beautiful, top grade, is the first choice for buying furniture.

3, good pine furniture after irregular maintenance, generally long service life, maybe can be passed down from generation to generation as a family heirloom, pine wood itself is very strong, not easy to damage, the quality of pine furniture made of pine is even more Very good, and pine furniture has a preserved value and lasts longer than regular wood!

4, high-quality pine furniture will emit a unique smell of the wood, may be some people will not be used to it at first, but this is a special smell for the human body is not harmless but good for health, pine furniture belongs to The natural and environmentally friendly wood is very beautiful in appearance and has a very good color. It has a wood fragrance.

Disadvantages of pine furniture:

Advantages And Disadvantages of Pine Wood Furniture

1. Pine wood furniture is soft, furniture is easy to crack and deformation, high moisture content is also easy to cause cracking, so pay attention to moisture, compared with the general furniture smooth surface, the knot is an important feature of pine furniture is different from other furniture, some Consumers feel that the festival is the most unique style of pine furniture. It seems natural. Some consumers think that good plates should not have obvious knots on the surface. In fact, it is normal for pine to have knots. As long as it does not affect the structural strength of the furniture components, small knots are still allowed. .

2, the newly bought pine furniture with a special pine smell, may be some consumers will not get used to, a little touch will have a clear imprint, not only that, pine furniture is also very easy to crack, even after just bought back assembled At the time, there will be cracking.

3, some pine furniture manufacturers in order to cover the pine knots repeatedly painted with paint, so that the furniture surface paint film is thicker, lost the core value of pine furniture pursuit of natural color, pine wood furniture color is a normal phenomenon, pine contains A large amount of other substances such as turpentine. When pine furniture is exposed to the air for a long time, the contents will chemically react with the air, which will cause the color of the furniture to become darker. This is not a quality problem of the material, nor does it affect the normal use of the consumer. .

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