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How did we improve the stability of the Noguchi Cofee Table?

How did we improve the stability of the Noguchi Cofee Table?

Noguchi Coffee Table is a typical modernist furniture design by Isamu Noguchi . It's simple and well-crafted design can be sure to match all living rooms whilst add a touch of class to living rooms .
The triangle structure can fix the point making the coffee table stable , but as we all know the connection between two wood legs is iron pipe, as showed below:

Noguchi Coffee Table Connection Hardware

It's easy to operate but still there's small gap between two pipes . it's unstable when we shake the top glass and make noisy .

So is there any way we can improve that , make the table silence and solid when we shake the coffee table ?
The answer is yes .
We change the connection harware ,we use cap screw , long kinds ;

long screw to fix the structure wood coffee table legs wood coffee table connection

This is the connection , the long screw will across the top wood leg and connect with the nut wich is mounted on the below wood coffee table leg .

Also we made space to hide the screw top , in order to make the legs horizontal to the earth , when turn back the legs , still keep the stability .

Noguchi Coffee Table Base

Still keep the sleek touch from outside .Turn back two wood legs , then get what we want .

wood coffee table legs

Above details are the way to change Noguchi Coffee Table Stable way .

Noguchi Coffee Table -Natural Color

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